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Jeep Safari in Rajasthan

Jeep Safari in Rajasthan is an alternate to discover the royal land.The travel destination of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan beckons all adventure seekers to the jeep safari. Check out the stretches of sand dunes. The jeep safari in Indian desert will captivate you in the charming culture of the Rajasthan.
Most jeep safari operators route journeys through the desert so you are close to villages, but remain hidden from them. In the afternoons, trips to the villages can be planned. An advance group moves ahead to set the evening's camp-usually self-sustained, with its own kitchen (food is cooked over wood fire), and tented accommodation. Baths are prepared for the travelers, and kerosene lamps used for lighting. A bonfire is organized around which evening cocktails and dinner is served. Here, in this enchanted setting with the stars looming large under the dark sky, village balladeers and minstrels are invited to sing, dance, play a musical instrument or two.

Best time for Jeep Safari in Rajasthan :

Winter is the best season for such jeep safaris in rajasthan (October to March) and to attempt it in summer would be impossible. In the cold months, the dry climate and the reflection of the sun's heats on the sand can make the day under the sun warm, and the nights bitterly cold. It is advisable,to carry a mix of woolens and lighter clothing, and to have suntan lotions and moisturizers for the skin.

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