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Fair & Festival Of India

India is a country of subcontinental dimensions. It is an ancient civilisation and an inheritor to a rich and diverse cultural tradition. The Fairs and Festivals celebrated across the length and breadth of the land present a fascinating pageant and showcase the resplendence of its arts and crafts tradition. Some festivals are of religious nature, others are linked with the lives of the people, change of seasons and harvesting. There are fairs which in past played an important role in the commercial life of the people and continue to be celebrated with great gusto.

Major Indian Festivals :


One of the important festivals of North India, Holi - the festival of colours, is celebrated with gaiety and exuberance. It marks the end of winter and greets the advent of spring. According to legend, Holika was a demoness who was vanquished by Prahlad, her virtuous ....More about Holi....


Diwali, literally a garland of lamps, is an apt description of this festival of lights. Tradition maintains that lamps are lit to keep alive the memory of Prince Rama's return to Ayodhya after conquering the tyrant Ravana, the ruler of Lanka, who had abducted his consort Sita. The ....More about Diwali ....


The festival of Dussehra is the principle celebration in many parts of the country. It is celebrated with great fanfare in Kullu in Himachal Pradesh, Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, Mysore in Karnataka and slightly differently as Durga puja in West Bengal. It is the climax of nine....More about Dussehra....


The first day of the Hindu new year is marked by Baisakhi, primarily a harvest festival. This is celebrated with great gusto in Punjab where Bhangara dancers, energetic and vigorous country youths enhant everybody with their ebullience.When the sun moves into ....More about Baisakhi....


Onam is the principle festival of Kerala and is linked with the legend of the mythological king Mahabali. Lord Vishnu manifested himself in the incarnation of a dwarf Vamana, and requested the powerful king for a grant of land streching three steps. When the grant was made ....More about Onam....


The most important festivals for Muslims are the Eids. These are celebrated to commemorate the ritual sacrifice (Id-ul-Zuha - Bakr-id), conclusion of the month of fasting (Id-ul-Fitr - Ramzan-id) and the birth of the prophet (Id-e-Milad - Milad-un-Nabi). Eid is celebrated with ....More about Eid....

Fair & Festivals By State
Festival In Delhi : Festivals In Delhi
Festival In Rajasthan : Ganesh Chaturthi Kapil Muni Fair Camel Festival
Desert Festival Pushkar Fair ...more Raj. Fest
Festival In Bihar :  
Chatt Puja Sama Chakeva Makar Sankranti
Makar Sankranti
Festival In Assam :  
Bihu Tes Festival Jonbeel Mela
Dosa Thoi Long Nai Ali-Ali-Ligang  
Festival In Gujarat :  
Trinetreshwar Mahadev Fair Vautha Mela Bhavnath Mahadev Mela
Dangs Darbar Chitra Vichitra Mela  
Festival In Himachal P. Festivals In Himachal Pradesh
Festival In Karnataka : Festivals In Karnataka
Festival In Kerala : Festivals In Kerala
Festival In Madhya Pradesh: Khajuraho Festival of Dances     Tansen Music Festival In Gwalior
Festival In Maharashtra : Festivals In Maharashtra
Festival In Nagaland : Chakhesang Hornbill Festival Konayak Festival
Moatsu Phom Monyu Sekrenyi Angami
Festival In Sikkim : Festival In Sikkim
Festival In Tamilnadu : Festival In Tamilnadu