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Manas Wildlife Santuary

Manas Wildlife SantcuaryArea : 39,100 hectares/2840 sq km.

Established : First established in 1928 as a reserve forest, the Manas National Park was designated as a tiger reserve in 1973.

Description :

The Manas National Park, situated in the foothills of the Bhutanese Himalayas, is famous for its majestic tigers and the golden leaf monkey. Named after the Manas river, which separates Bhutan from India, the park has dense deciduous forests spread over an area of 2840 sq km which provide a sanctuary to twenty highly endangered species of birds and animals, including the hispid hare, pygmy hog and the red panda which can be seen occasionally at higher altitudes. The sanctuary is situated in both India and Bhutan, the two parks, both named Manas, being contiguous.

Along the Manas river and its tributaries are spreads of riverine forests as well as tall grasslands on the floodplains. To the south of the border, the Indian part of Manas has tropical forests on high ground, and riverine forests and tall grasslands on the lower plains.

Birds which can be seen here are the giant hornbills, both pied and gray varieties, pheasants, jungle fowl, scarlet minivet, partridge, florican, and a variety of water birds like the brahminy ducks, mergansers and a range of egrets, herons and pelican. Visitors to the park especially mention the stunning sight of large numbers of hornbills flying over the Manas river early mornings and evenings.

The Manas National Parks in India and Bhutan are the only known home of the Golden Leaf Monkey discovered only a few decades ago. Other mammals, includethe rare and endangered hispid hare and pygmy hog. Lager mammals include the Indian elephant, gaur, water buffalo and Indian rhinoceros.

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