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Hotels in Jodhpur

Karni Bhawan Karni Bhawan Jodhpur

Karni Bhawan, home to the erstwhile Jagirdars of Sodawas, Bhati Rajputs of the Lunar dynasty.
This delightful red sandstone bungalow of the 40's has been sensitively redone to meet the requirement of the discerning traveller.
Lush green gardens combine a homely spirit with hotel efficiency to make a stay at Karni Bhawan very good value indeed. ....More About Karni Bhawan....

Karni Bhawan Jodhpur

Balsamand Palace

Balsamand Palace is a fine specimen of Rajput architecture in red sandstone surrounded by wide expanses of lush green gardens. Built on the banks of Bal Samand Lake, a 13th century artificial lake, the palace has been an exquisite setting for royal leisure & recreation. ....More About Balsamand Palace....


Umaid Bhawan Palace Karni Bhawan Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace is a splendid example of Indo-colonial and the art-deco style of the thirties, It is one of the largest and grandest private residences in the world.The palace was built between 1929 and 1943 and over 3000 artisans worked over 14 years to create this magnificent edifice.
If there is one palace that combines architectural extravaganza with aesthetic triumph, it is the Umaid Bhawan Palace. If there is something that is best experienced than described, it is absolutely a stay at the Umaid Bhawan Palace. In the year 1977, Umaid Bhawan opened as one of India's grandest luxury hotels. ....More About Umaid Bhawan Palace....

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