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Introduction :

Trichy or Tiruchirapalli is situated on the banks of the river Cauvery, 319 kms from Madras, and 55kms from Thanjavur lies Tiruchirapalli, retaining the atmosphere of an ancient village.

It is also known as Trichy and is of great historical importance. It had been a Chola citadel since the Sangam age and has a unique place in Tamilnadu's history. Being right in the heart of Tamilnadu, it is easily accessible by rail and road.

Though the Pandyans and the Pallavas ruled this region for a short period, the greater part of the town and the historical Rock Fort, as it exists today, were built by the Nayaks of Madurai. In 10th Century Trichy went under the rule of Chola dynasty. With the fall of Cholas, trichy went under Muslim rule in 14th century.The Hindu kings of Vijayanagar captured it next. The Marathas, French and British came one after another and the battle continued for 100 years.

Today, Trichy is a blend of history and tradition, a pilgrim centre as well as a thriving commercial city.

Sight Seeing :

Rock Fort
The fort was built in 1660. At the main entrance there was a big dias suppoted by a 1000 pillars which was demolished in the 1772 explosion, the other part that remains unaffected consists of the China Bazaar, shops and establishments.

Rising abruptly from the plains to a height of 83 metres to dominate the landscape is the Rock Fort the famous landmark of Trichy. Its 344 rock cut steps takes one to the Ucchipillayar (Lord Vinayaka) temple. Half way up is the 1300-year-old Thayumana Swamy (Lord Shiva) temple. The Biman of the God is fully covered in Gold. A huge bell is hung between the two shrines. The Ganapathy temple was excavated in the 7th century by the famous Pallava emperor, Mahendra I. The dramatic ascent to this shrine is climaxed by a magnificent view from the summit of the city of the country side and the sacred Cauvery river.

A tank and a pavilion at the foot of the Rock Fort set the scene for the temple's Float festival. Though the Fort is no more today, it bears the reminiscence of many historical wars.

Sree Ranganath Swami temple (10 kms)
Srirangam/ Sree Ranganath Swami temple, is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in his reclining form, is situated on the picturesque island between the river Cauvery and its tributary Kollidam -10kms north of Tiruchirapalli. It is also a place of pilgrimage to the followers of Sri Ramanujacharya, exponent of the Vishistadvaita School of philosophy.
This holy temple of Ranganatha is considered the holiest for the Vaishnavies. The most important festival is Vaikunta Ekadasi in December and January, which attracts thousands of devotees. It is held for 9 days on the 11th day of Full moonnight from 15 Dec to 25 Dec at the Kalyan Mandap.
The temple complex of Sri Ranganathaswamy was built around the 13th and the 14th centuries by the Chola and Pandyan kings, is surrounded by 7 walls within which the town itself is located. It has also 21 magnificent towers/Gopurams and stone pillars covered with profuse carvings. In the 1000-pillared hall, a family of devotees called the Arayars recite the 4000 pasharams. The Horse Court is a landmark in sculpture and architecture. Srirangam is a fascinating centre of devotion and a school of art. The dome is made of gold.

6 km away from Sree Rangam to the east on the Chennai-Salem route is Sree Jambukeshwar Shiva Temple is the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, represented here in the form of a Linga submerged in water. It is 7 kms from Trichy. This temple derives its name after the legendary elephant that once worshipped the Lingam. The elaborately sculptured and painted Gopuram of this Jambukeswarar temple is a treat to the tourist. The temple was founded by the Chola kings. There are 7 Gopurams. The God Shiva or self born Jambukeshwar here is surrounded by water the source of which, is a waterfall. The God is worshipped as one of the 5 elements of the Earth.

Travel Information :

Airport : The airport is at a distance of 7 km. Flights to Madras, Madurai, Bangalore & Colombo.

Train : Trichy is an important Rly Junction & Connects Madras, Thanjayur, Tuticorin, Mangalore, Rameswaram, There are 4 Rly Stns around the city-The Town,The Golden Rock,The Junction and Palakkarai.

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