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110 kms from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, Kapilavastu (Piprahwa) on the Gorakhpur Gonda loop-line with Naugarh (35 Kms.) is the nearest railway station. The capital city of the Sakya clan, and one of the earliest republics, it was in Kapilavastu's opulent environs, that the holy soul of prince Siddharth (Gautam Buddha) spent his childhood. Here he saw sorrow and pain, disease and death. Then, finally when he saw a radiant happy Sadhu who had conquered all these, he decided to renounce all worldly riches and pleasures to seek truth and embark on the path of salvation. The place holds significant value for Buddhist pilgrims and has several Stupas. The archaeological excavations have revealed stone caskets containing relics believed to be that of Buddha's.

Best time to visit:
From October to April

Travel Information :

Piparahwa is 110 km away from Gorakhpur .The nearest railway station is Naugarh (35 Km) on the Gorakhpur - Gonda loop line .One can also take the road, if so desired . It is connected to all major cities of Uttar Pradesh by road.

Where to stay :

PWD inspection House Birdpur (12Km) , Irrigation Rest House Birdpur (12Km) .

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