Rajasthan Travel Tour,India
Rajasthan Travel Tour,India
Rajasthan Travel Tour,India
Rajasthan Travel Tour,India
Rajasthan Travel Tour,India

Camel Safari Tour

Camel Safari in RajasthanCamel Safari is one of the unique way to explore small villages in Rajasthan. The vast expanse of the deserts poses a challenge to the spirit of adventure. Ride the desert kings and explore endless deserts, the royal palaces, the mighty forts and temples in red and yellow sandstone. This sprawling desert is vibrant and alive with splashes of colors which are an integral part of the village life in Rajasthan.

In India Thar desert, one of the harshest environments in the world. Board camels to discover the rich desert culture and meet the colorful tribal people. The capital of this exotic region is the golden city of Jaisalmer. Here we'll explore palaces, local markets, and venture down the narrow alleys to visit with the inhabitants of the intricately carved sandstone buildings.

The highlight of this trip is spending the night under the stars in the desert. This oneness with nature is an experience in itself.

Tips on Camel SafariCamel Safari in Rajasthan

A Visit to India would be incomplete without Camel Safari in the state of Rajasthan. Here we are giving you some tips to make your safari tour a memorable one.

1. The treks for Camel Safari are not good for the faint hearted. Thus we recommend that it is done only during the Indian winter months i.e. Nov till Feb.

2. The regular use of the large rimmed sun hats is mandatory. These may be replaced with the cotton caps, which are dipped in water when it gets too hot around midday.

3. For the protection of the skin the scarves or balaclava may be worn around the neck and the forehead.

4. The camel safari friendly umbrellas are easily available at Jodhpur. Your list of must carry and must apply will be topped with the sunscreen creams, moisturizers and the lip salve.

5. While on the dry desert safari the adventure will be enjoyable if the water bottle is kept close at hand. The mineral water may be collected from Jodhpur or Jaisalmer.

6. Basic medicines and suitable medication against the swaying gait of the camel but be carried. Do not forget to take a torch and a knife along.

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