Rajasthan Travel Tour,India
Rajasthan Travel Tour,India
Rajasthan Travel Tour,India
Rajasthan Travel Tour,India
Rajasthan Travel Tour,India

Horse Safari

Rajasthan - a mystical land with breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and fascinating history, art and culture of a people known throughout the world for their legends of valour romance, chivalry and beroism.

Rajasthan is a land of sand dunes, wooded hills, lakes, amazing palaces, rugged forts men and women in colorful turbens and skirts bustling towns and quite villages camels, horses and a variety of wildlife, bright sunlight and cool evening breeze , it is a land of amazing contrasts that are bound to take you by surprise when you expect it least And the best way to see and experience it all in on a horse back.

At Indian Travel Destinations we offer adventurous opportunity to get a bands on experience of Rajasthan and its unique and colorful culture, routes are selected carefully to provide a wide range of riding conditions and to vist the places of interest. Indian Travel Destinations make all the arrangements for Horse Safari in Rajasthan.

We have been conducting safaris on horseback in various regions of rajasthan between the month of October - March the horses we use for safari are all trained.

On an average we cover 35 to 45 km per day starting in the morning after breakfast with rest and lunch on the way. We take great care to choose beautiful locales and secluded places with panoramic views of dams, lake, riverbeds and fields for our mid-day balts. As we reach the choosen place, our breakup will be at service with grooms and attendants to take care of the guests. Our trained chef creates an element of culinary surprise and serves delicious, fresh cooked traditional Rajasthani cuisine,yet care is taken to adjust the taste as per the guest preference.

As the sunset touches the land still living in the historic past with a special magic, we arrive at small foris castles and homes of nobles and royals or at our tented `jungle camp` to add some more thrill to the expedition. There forts and castles are renovated into heritage hotels with all the modern amenities. At night, we offer an enchanting glimpse of Rajasthani culture with all organized tribal dances and music programs around the bonfire.
We can assure you that a trot through the royal trails of rajasthan with Indian Travel Destinations will be a truly thrilling once in a lifetime, memorable experience.

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