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Rajasthan Travel Tour,India
Rajasthan Travel Tour,India
Rajasthan Travel Tour,India
Rajasthan Travel Tour,India

Jambheswar Fair

In the Month of February - March Jambheswar Fair is held in the Village Mukam of Tehsil Nokha, Bikaner district twice a year on Phalgun Bundi Amavasya and Ashvin Bundi Amavasya in the memory of the founder of the Bishnoi sect Jambheswar ji.

The temple at Mukam has the samadhi of Jambheswarji and a life-size portrait adorns the central hall. On the ground floor, there are five rooms, one of which is used to store grain offered by the visitors and the rest serve as a guest house. The grain which is offered at the temple is used to feed pigeons, peacocks and birds throughout the year beside the temple, built specifically for this purpose.

A large fair is held in February-March on Phalgun Budi Amavasya every year. It is attended by people from Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, apart from the local visitors.

The second fair, which is a smaller, localised affair, is attended by people coming in from neighbouring villages on camels, bullock carts and even on foot. The number of shops is lesser and comprises mostly of sellers from Nokha, Himmatsar and Bikaner. They sell general merchandise, which caters to the needs of the rural people such as foodstuff, hides, cloth etc.

Travel Information

Road : The village Mukam is 15 kms. away from Nokha. Regular buses plying from Bikaner to Jaipur, Bikaner to Salasar and Nokha to Sujangarh stop by at the Mukam bus stand. Nokha is 60 kms. from Bikaner on the Bikaner-Jodhpur Road. It is also a railhead of the Northern Railway.

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