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Golconda Fort

golconda-fortThe name originates from the Telgu words "Golla and Konda" or "Shepherd's Hill" after neighbourings Warangal. A clap under the canopy of the Fateh Darwaza can be heared at the far summit palace. Famous KOHINOOR DIAMOND of the British Crown was mined from this area. This legendary citadel built on a 120 meter high granite hill is surrounded by battlemented ramparts. Once the capital of the Qutub Shahis, the fort is enclosed within eight massive gates studded with large pointed iron spikes. One of the most remarkable features of this fort is its advanced acoustics. The fort's acoustics are remarkable: sound of hands clapping in the Grand Portico can be heard in the Durbar hall at the top of the hill. Also, the design of the ventilation reveals the brilliant planning of the architects. The ventilation is designed to let in a flow of fresh cool breeze which is a respite from the heat of summer. An hour-long light-and-sound show is held daily except Mondays.

This massive fort is 11 km in perimeter and its walls are 15 to 18 ft high. The whole fort is built in granite and is flanked by 70 ramparts and 8 huge gates. Previously the whole fort was surrounded by a deep gorge but slowly this was filled up. While entering from the main gate of the fort, if one claps below the dome, echoes are heard in a Darbar hall some 128 meter away. The majestic and imposing monument which lies on the Western outskirts of Hyderabad city - Golconda Fort, unravels with it the 400 years of the rich cultural heritage of this city. Outside the Fort are two separate pavilions built on a rocky eminence - the Taramathi Gana Mandir and the Premathi Nritya Mandir from where the legendary sisters Taramathi and Premamathi resided. They gave their performance on a circular dais atop a two-storied structure, the Kala Mandir, which was visible from the king's durbar (king's court) on top of the Golconda Fort. Although in a dilapidated condition, efforts are on to revive the glory of the Kala 'Mender by organizing the Deccan art festival annually. Close to the fort are the beautiful domed monuments, the Qutb Shahi Tombs built with Islamic architecture.

Best time to visit :

The Best Time to visit Golconda Fort is between September and March..

How to get there:

Hyderabad can be reached by air, from all the major cities of the country. Indian Airlines and many other private airlines operate flights to Hyderabad. It is also easily accesible by train, from any part of the country. There is a regular bus service to Hyderabad from many cities in southern, central and south-eastern parts of the country .

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