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Bihu Festival

The Bihus are the national festivals of Assam. There are three such festivals in Assam: in the monthsof Bohaag (Baisakh, the middle of April).More....

Tea Festival

The The Tea festival organised by Assam Tourism in the month of November is a unique experience. One cannot miss this festival which offers holidays combining visits to Tea Gardens.More....

Jonbeel Mela

Jonbeel of Jagiroad is host to one of the most spectacular and popular fairs in Assam. Come winter and tribes & communities like Tiwa, Karbi, Khasi, Jaintia come down with their products for this Mela. More....

Dosa Thoi Long Nai

This is a very important religious dance performed at the 'Bathou Puja' or worshipping of their God-Shiva. In this dance the priestess called Deodhani dances with a bowel on her head. More....

Ali-Ali Ligang

This again is a spring festival celebrated by the Mising tribe. This is one of the most colourful festivals of Assam. It is organised in the month of 'Ginmur Polo'. More....