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Festivals in Bihar

Chatt Puja

Almost all civilizations have worshipped the 'sun god. But it has a unique form in Bihar. Chatt Puja is the only occasion where the setting sun is worshipped. More....

Shama Chakeva

It is during the winter season that the birds from the Himalayas migrate towards the plains. With the advent of these colorful birds, celebration of sama-chakeva is done. More....

Makar Sankranti

Also known as Tila Sankranti, the festival marks the beginning of the summer season. People believe that from this day on, the days become longer and the heat of the sun also increases. More....


Bihula is a prominent festival of eastern Bihar especially famous in Bhagalpur district. There are many myths related to this festival. People pray to goddess 'Mansa' for the welfare of their family. More....