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PawapuriPawapuri, which is also known as, Apapuri, the sinless town, is a very sacred Jain Pilgrimage center. It was here that Lord Mahavira, the greatest profounder of jainism, attained salvation. Hundreds and thousands of his disciples and devotees took away the ashes after his cremation here. The rush was so great that even the soil of the areas were taken away and it became a tank. Later on a beautiful temple of white marble was constructed in the center of the tank to consecrate the Lord's Nirvan. It is now known Jalmandir.

Treasures of Pawapuri :

Jalmandir :
The place where Mahavir Teerthankar was cremated.

A beautiful temple of white marble. Here Lord Mahavir had delivered his sermon.

Travel Info :

By Air : The nearest airport is Patna 93..

By Rail: Pawapuri (Bahktiapur - Rajgir Line).

By Road: Biharsharif - 8Kms. Patna -87 Kms. Rajgir-31 Kms.

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