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Chhatisgarh, India's 26th state, was carved out of Madhya Pradesh on 1st Nov. 2000. The newly formed state shares borders with Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, U.P., Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. It is a predominantly tribal state, with about 35 big and small tribes spread all over Chhattisgarh. Chhatisgarh is perhaps the most economically strong region of the country, and is endowed with rich mineral and forest wealth. The major mineral resources of the State include coal, iron-ore, lime-stone and dolomite (used in cement). There are also diamond mines, and it is estimated that Deobhog area in Raipur district if successfully exploited can provide large revenue to the State.
Chhatisgarh has a potential of becoming an important industrial centre. Most of the power generating units in M.P., have been included in the new state, and also has major industries like steel plant at Bhilai and Aluminium plant at Korba. Sarguja, Raigarh and Bilaspur are emerging fastly as important industrial centres. There are also several cement factories and many ancillary units in the state. The states immense forest cover, also provides a safe haven for wildlife, and fine game reserves are located here. Chhatisgarh is also a major wheat producing region of the country.