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Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach

Ahmedpur Mandvi is one of the finest beaches on the Gujarat shoreline. The sea water is white and very perfect for swimming. Various water sports are offered like water scooters, skiing, surfing, para sailing, speed boat trips. Cottage Resort Magico Do Mar is one of the highlight of this beach offering airconditioned rooms, pleasant lawns, palm groves. The resort bungalow facing garden towards sea offers wonderful sights which should not be missed. Diu island is a real pleasant surprise across the bridge from Ahmedpur Mandvi. Lying on the offshore of Gujarat mainland, minutes offshore from the mainland of Gujarat, yet has the feel of being like on a mediterranean island. Nothing can quite prepare you for the treasure-trove of Diu. Diu reflects the Portugese colonial period architecture like the churches, public buildings, bungalows with pastel shaded walls, truss roofs, terraces, galleries, clean wide road, neat clean beaches etc. Nagoa Beach is one of the most beautiful, white sanded, crescent shaped of quiet blue water and is perfect for swimming, wading, relaxing, water sports like jetskiing, knee board surfing, pony and camel riding. Other beaches here include Jalandhar a pleasant and quiet beach, Chakratirth Beach with sunset point, a Shiv Temple and a summer bungalow, Goghla Beach on the Diu union territory section, Simmer Beach promoting water sports, fishing, sailing etc., Gahirmata beach being made a resort soon.

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