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Population : 15.5 lakh
Area : 153.16 sq. km
Best Season : Round the season.
Temperature : Ranging between 28 - 35 deg cel in summer & 20 - 25 deg cel during winters.
Languages Spoken : Gujarati, Hindi, English

Surat stands on the banks of the River Tapti and was once one of western India's major ports and trading towns during Mughal Period. For centuries, it has been known as a center of trade and textiles. The ancient port of Surat was famous for its fine silks and exquisite brocades and trade in spices and also for pilgrims to sail for Mecca. It is also an important diamond-cutting centre too.

Places of Interest:

Dutch Garden
The ancient Dutch gardens, the dutch cemetery and Makaipul, the ancient original port from where the ships sailed to other parts of the world are other attractions.

Old Fort
The Old Fort was built by Muhammed Tughlak in the 14th century to fortify the defence against the Bhils.

Sardar Patel Museum
About hundred years old this museum has a collection of over 10,000 specimens of arts and crafts.

It is an open air theatre with 18 meters by 10.5 meters stage and a capacity of around 4000 spectators.This is one of the biggest theatre in the country.

Dumas & Hajira
Dumas 16 kms from Surat and Hajira 28 kms from Surat are well known health resorts on the creek of Arabian Sea. Hajira has two wells with water rich in iron and sulphur. The pleasant Hazira beach is fringed by feathery casurina trees.

Swaraj Ashram at Bardoli, about 34 kms. from Surat has become a place of pilgrimage in India. Gandhiji had launched a farmer's satyagraha in 1921-22 under the leadership of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Vansada National Park
It is situated in Valsad district is a home to leopards, tigers, panthers and wild boars. The best time to visit is between October to March.

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