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Dachigam National Park

Approach : Airport Srinagar (32 kms.)
Railhead Jammu : (315 kms.)
Road Srinagar :(21 kms.)
Area : 141 sq. kms.
Altitudinal Range : 1,700 to 4,000 metres M.S.L.

Dachigam is a wildlife sanctuary which is home to the endangered HANGUL species of the Deer in the country. dachigam is also host to other wildlife of the state viz Black/ Brown Bear, Musk Deer, leopards and migratory birds. There is a Trout fish farm also in Dachigam. It is big natural reserve which requires permissions from the Wildlife Authorities for excploration. The dense forests of Dachigam offer a brilliant view alongwith a Glacier fed rivulet flowing right through the middle.

Flora :

There are over fifty species of trees,twenty of shrubs and five hundred species of herbs. The principal tree species are Pinus griffithii,Abies pindrow,Juglans regia,Morus alba,Betula utilis,Salix spp.,Populus spp., Prunus armeniaca, Corylus colurna,Quercus robur,Ulmus wallichiana, Aesculus indica, etc.Shrubs include Berberis spp.,Desmodium tiliaefolium,Parrotiopsis jacquemontiana, Indigofera heterantha etc.

Fauna :

There are twenty mammal species which include hangul,Himalayan brown bear,Himalayan black bear, langur,Himalayan marmot,leopard etc.

Avifauna :

There are over 150 species of birds.The principal species are monal,koklas,bearded vulture, griffon vulture,golden eagle,grey heron,starling,golden oriole,paradise flycatcher,western yellow-billed blue magpie,kestrel,peregrine falcon,black bulbul, etc.

Visit :
Upper Dachigam Mammal/Bird viewing
Lower Dachigam Mammal viewing

Bird viewing :
May to August.
September to March.
March to May.

Dress :

Summer : Trekking shoes,raincoat and light clothing.
Winter : Trekking shoes,heavy woolens and waterproof windcheater.
Spring : Trekking shoes,raincoat and light woollens.

Dachigam lies in Srinagar District and it is 20 Kms from the Distt Headquarters.The nearest Airport is approx. 25 Kms away in Badgam Distt.This Airport is connected with major cities of country. The nearest Rail Head is at Jammu which is 300 Kms away and from there National Highway NH1A connects the Kashmir valley with India. Every sort of transport to suit every budget from Buses to Taxis ply on this Highway. It Takes around 10 to 12 hours to cross this mountaineous road which crosses some beautiful spots and the famous Jawahar Tunnel linking Kashmir Valley with country. Selected Transport is available from anywhere in the Srinagar City with nominal costs to the Gates of sanctuary. From there on you have to trudge on foot.Taxis, Buses can be chartered from anywhere in the Srinagar city to this place.

Where to stay :

The Boulevard road is lined with Hotels and Restaurants suiting every budget. the accomodation is available for every budget. Hotels are also available on the other major commercial areas of Srinagar.

Activities :

Explore the Wildlife in the natural reserve.
Talking long walks/Trekking in the wildlife park.
Carry your own refreshments as nothing is available commercially.
Angling can be allowed only after seeking prior licenses and permissions.