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Area : 79.70 Lakh Hect
Population : 21843911
Density of Population : 274 persons / Sq. KM
No. of Districts : 18 + 4
Cultivable Land : 38.00 Lakh Hect
Forest : 29% of total area
Capital : Ranchi

The Indian Parliament passed the Bihar Re-organization Bill on 2nd August 2000, to create the state of Jharkhand. The genesis of the demand can be traced toearly 1900s when Jaipal Singh, the Oxford educated hockey captain of 1928 olympics, mooted the idea of a separate state consisting of the southern district of Bihar.
Jharkhand - The state comprises of twenty-two districts of the erstwhile Bihar. With an area of 74,677 Sq km, the new state will be bordered by Bihar, Chattisgarh, Orissa, and West Bengal to its north, west, south and east respectively. 35% of the population of former Bihar is in the jharkhand region. With its huge reserves of forests and natural resources, things can only look up in this predominantly poverty ridden region.