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Hampi, Vijaynagar - was once the capital of the largest Hindu empires in the Indian history. Founded by the Telugu princes Harihara and Bukka in 1336, it reached the height of its glory under Krisnadevaraya (1509-29) when it controlled the whole of peninsula, except for a string of commercial principalities along the Malbar coast. Hampi had trade connections with international markets. Hindu, Muslim and Jain religions were practiced. The Brahmins were a privileged class. Sati (during of the wife on husband's pyre) and Devdasi system (temple prostitution) were common and widely practiced. Brahmini inscriptions discovered on the site date the first settlement here back to the 1st century AD and suggest that there was a Buddhist center nearby. The empire came to a sudden end after the battle of Talikota when the city was ransacked by the confederacy of the Deccan Sultans.

About Hampi :

Hampi, are one of the most fascinating historical sites in south India. The superb ruins are set in a strange and beautiful boulderstrewn landscape which has an almost magical quality.
Hampi has become a thriving travelers center and most people stay at least a couple of days to soak up the atmosphere and explore the area. If you're in a hurry, you can see the main sites in one day, either by bicycle or on foot. Signposting in some parts of the site is inadequate, but you can't really get lost. It's not wise to wander around the ruins alone at dawn or dusk, since occasional muggings occur. There are two points of entry to the ruins. Hampi Bazaar and the small village of Kamalapuram to the south. Most people prefer to start in Hampi Bazaar and walk of cycle to the main sites and then visit the museum at Kamalapuram. From Kamalapuram there are buses back to Hampi Bazaar (and to Hospet), or you can walk back along the road to Hampi Bazaar in about 40 minutes. There are restaurants in Hampi Bazaar and Kamalapuram, as well as a few soft drink and snack vendors at key monuments.

Population : 930
Telephone Code : 08394
Season : Can be visited year-round but its best between September and March.

Places To Eat :

Hampi Bazaar
There are plenty of simple restaurants and soft-drink stalls on the main street of Hampi Bazaar.

Sri Venkateshwara
It is most established restaurant and it serves Tiffin and western snacks at lunch and thails in the evening.

Travel Info:

Buses run roughly along the 13 km stretch between Hampi Bazaar and Hospet. The first bus from Hospet is at 6.30 am, and the last one back leaves Hampi at 8.30 pm. There are also regular buses between Hospet and Kamalapuram.

The first bus from Hospet leaves Kamalapuram at 10 pm.

Only few buses link Hampi Bazaar and Kamalapuram, but you can negotiate this short stretch easily in an auto-rickshaw.

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