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Thadlaskein Lake

Thadlaskein Lake 56 Kms from Shillong. According to legend this lake was dug with the ends of bows by members of 290 clans of U Sajiar Niangli, a rebel general of Jaintia Raja, to commemorate the great exodus of the clans. It is a historical lake and a beautiful spot for outing, boating and picnic.

Megalithic Remnants :

Nartiang : 65 Kms from Shillong, was the summer capital of the Jaintia Kings, of Sutnga State. Huge monoliths, form the striking landmark of the village, said to be erected by Mar Phalyngki, a Goliath of yore. The Nartiang menhir measures 27 feet 6 inches in thickness. The monoliths represent the megalithic culture of the Hynniewtrep people. It is literally the Stonehenge of the Northeast of India. A 500 years old temple of Durga is another attraction at Nartiang.

Syndai : An important village of Jaintia Hills which is famous for a number of caves and caverns in the limestone-borne area, used as hide-outs during war times between Jaintia Hills and foreign intruders.

Syntu Ksiar : Syntu Ksiar, which means 'golden flower' is a vast pool of calm water, where the river Myntdu which almost encircles Jowai, appears to come to a sudden halt. At Syntu Ksiar, the Myntdu provides a memorable scene of remarkable beauty as it seemingly disappears for rest into thecalm of the mighty pool, and then, as if aroused from a momentary invigorating slumber, it runs its ever vibrant course, again.


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