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Baptist Church of Mizoram (A Miracle Story)

Ever since J. H. Lorrain and F.W. Savidge who under the auspices of "The Arthington Aborigine Missions' set their foot in this most north eastern region of India on the 12th of January the whole Mizo tribe underwent a rapid transformation through the gospel of Jesus Christ. The erstwhile warlike Mizo tribe often known as ' head hunters' had now become self- supporting and growing missionary church. Following the history of this dramatic transformation which had few equals in the annals of modern church history. Patrick Johnstone comments: ' No nation on earth has sent out a higher proportion of their people as missionaries' (operation World).

The ensuing founding father of the Baptist Church of Mizoram also fondly remarked: ' The indigenous growth and progress of the Baptist Church of Mizoram reflects a miracle miracle and a success story of our mission'. (Rev Murray Raw- Formerly Chairman of the Baptist Missionary Society - London). This is indeed God's work for the people who could best be described as God's chosen tribesman.

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