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Konyak Festival

Konyak-Aoling Monyu - First Week of April :

konyak-festivalThe Konyaks, a martial Tribe in the east of Nagaland, observe Aoling Monyu after completing the sowing of seeds in the new jhum fields and to mark the end of the old year and entering the New year beginning with the arrival of the Spring season and asking the Almighty God for bountiful crops. Aoling Monyu is spread over 6 days.

Hoi Lah Nyih or the first day, means preparation day of the Aoling Monyu. They collect firewood and vegetables, make rice beer and weave new clothes and ornaments. Each head of the family sacrifices a chicken and by taking out the intestine, they predict the future of the family.

The second and the third days are called Yin Mok Pho Nyih and Mok Shek Nyih ,which means searching and roping in the domestic animals to be killed during the festivals. The young Konyak boys who have not yet joined in the head hunting were trained during this period.

The Lingnyu Nyih which falls on the the fourth day is the greatest day of the Aoling Monyu. Both men and women wear beautiful ornaments and spend the whole day in the community feast, amusement, dances and merry making starting from the entrance of the village gate (Penjong) the men folk start dancing, visting songs.
The dancing party holds the enemy's head in their hands and display it in front of the other's Morung showing their victory over their enemies.

The fifth day is called Lingha Nyih. This day is oserved by honouring each other. The old men of the village are honoured by the young boys and their parents call their married sisters and daughters respectively and offer them the best feast. On this day the families of the dead visit the cemetery of their dead relatives and pay their last homage to the departed souls.

The sixth day or Lingshan Nyih which means the final day of the Aoling Monyu.

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