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Moatsu Festival

Konyak-Aoling Monyu - First Week of April :

The Ao tribe celebrates two main festivals in a year. The Moatsu festival is considered the main festival, which lasts for six days. However with the advent of the modern age the Moatsu Mong is now limited to a three day event starting from 1st-3rd of May every year.

The Ao Tribe invoke the Almighty God's blessings after finishing their diverse village activities such as construction and repair of houses, roads, marriage, sowing of seeds in the fields and cleaning of the village water ponds. Only after completion of all these manifold activities the celebration of Moatsu Mong takes place.

During the Moatsu Mong, very brisk competition to make the best rice-beer and rear the best possible animals like pigs, cows, fowls etc, were the natural customary practices. The womenfolk try to make the best dresses for themselves and join the menfolk in dancing, eating and drinking wine, composing warrior's songs and singing in praise of their lovers and the village as a whole, encouraging the young warrior to be bold and heroic to defend and protect them from enemies. The people go out for renewing old friendships and making new ones. The Aos invite delegates from the neighbouring villages and exchange gifts to renew traditional friendship. This helps in the strengthening of traditional bonds and result in peace and harmony. During the Moatsu Mong the righteous man who lives by the guidance of the Almighty, forecasts the future of the village by readings of the celebration of the Moatsu festival.

The State Government has identified Chuchuyimlang village as the Moatsu festival destination. From the year 2000, Moatsu celebration at Chuchuyimlang will feature as a National Event.Chuchuyimlang is situated 40 km away from Mokokchung on the NH-61 towards Amguri in Assam. An ethnic tourist village has been set up by the village community for tourists which is functional throughout the year. The festival at Chuchuyimlang is spectacular, as one can witness the participation of other tribes, the "Anchas", in this event.

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