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This picturesque town is the headquarters of the Ao Nagas. It is situated at an altitude of 1325 meters above sea-level ,with summer temperatures rising up to 28oC max.One can have a beautiful view of Mokokchung town from the view point at the park.The main festivals of the Aos are Moatsu and Tsungrem Mong celebrated during the first week of May and first week of August respectively.The footprints of Jina and Etiben-the Romeo and Juliet of the Aos, are found on the rocks in several places in the Ao ranges. Aos being cent percent Christians, Christmas and New Years are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Mokokchung is 152 kms west of Kohima , 102 kms from Amguri(Assam) and 103 kms from Mariani(Assam).


A vanguard village in the days of head hunting is situated at an altitude of 1846 meters above sea level. The people of this village are hard working and one can find exquisite handicraft and handloom items in this village. On a clear day ,one can view the eastern Himalayas and Assam valley. The panoramic view of the surrounding hills is simply breathtaking.

The Aos have a belief that Longkhum is the resting place of the spirits of the dead on their onward journey to paradise.

Rhododendrons adorn the hillocks and precipices surrounding the village.


This is the biggest Ao village and looks like an adjunct to Mokokchung town.According to legend, the early Aos settled here first after coming from Chungliyimti. This village is many centuries old and can be of interest to people who have a desire to peep into Ao folklore, customs and trad.


History speaks of an Ahom king, who fled his capital ( Sibsagar in Assam) due to court intrigues and rivalries and had taken refuge in the Langpangkong range, along the Dikhu river. The cave where he took shelter still remains intact. Today the Langpangkong range consists of more than 15 villages.


This village is one of the oldest villages in the Ao region, the village which gave birth to the legendary lovers Jina and Etiben. If you are keen to see the ancient log drums, Morung and village life style of the Ao Nagas first hand, you can visit Mopungchukit which is 15 km from Mokokchung .

While you are in the village you can also sit at leisure with the elders of the village and listen to the poetic songs of love immortalising the ancient tragic love stories and fascinating folklore of the Ao Nagas. Before retiring to bed you can witness and participate in the cultural dance with the villagers over a few mugs of Mapuk yi (rice beer).

Impur ,the Mission Center of Ao Baptist Arogo Mungdang is situated next to this village.


The Department of Tourism has identified Chuchuyimlang as a festival destination. This village celebrates Moatsu festival in the traditional way with the exchange of gifts and friendship with other neighbouring villages.

The festival is celebrated in colourful way with dances and songs every year from May 1st-3rd. Moatsu, the spring festival of the Ao Nagas, is celebrated in all Ao villages, but it is more spectacular in Chuchuyimlang.

After sowing the seeds in the Jhum fields, the Aos relax to celebrate and invoke the Gods for a bountiful harvest. This festival has more to do with merrymaking unlike other festivals which have more rites and rituals. Dance, folk songs, indigenous games and tribal chants lend color to the occasion.

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