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Kapilvastu or Piprahwa has an important place in the life of Buddha. It was in Kapilvastu where Buddha decided to leave worldly pleasures and decided to look at life in a new perspective. There is a host of evidence to prove today that Piprahwa is the Kapilvastu of Buddha's times. The geographical conditions of Kapilvastu as described in Buddhist epics are similar to those in Piprahwa. The 'Asthi-patra' found in 1897-98 A.D. clearly matches the engravings in Piprahwa. The 1971 excavation in Piprahwa revealed clinching evidence in terms of relics of the Buddha period. The discovery of an earthen pot which had Kapilvastu engraved on it confirmed Piprahwa's ancient legacy. Some coins of the same period were also excavated. Piprahwa lies between two important Buddhist destinations - Lumbini (birth place of Buddha in Nepal) and Srawasti (where Buddha spent 27 monsoons). The travelling time by road between Lumbini to Piprahwa is about six hours. The ruins of the old city from where Buddhism started has several stupas. From the main stupa have been recovered stone caskets containing relics believed to be that of the Buddha.

Sightseeing (Kapilvastu):

Stupa Complex: This is the main archaeological site which was discovered during excavations in 1973-74. The seals and inscriptions over the lid of the pot discovered read "Om Deoputra Vihare Kapilvastu Bhikschu Mahasanghasa" and "Om Deoputra Vihare Kapilvastu Bhikschu Sanghasa". The title Deoputra refers to Kanishka, a great patron of Buddhism who built the biggest Vihara at Kapilvastu and renovated the main stupa here.

Travel Information (Kapilvastu):

Rail : Siddharth Nagar (Naugarh) railway station : 20 km from Kapilvastu.

Some of the major road distances from Kapilvastu are
Gorakhpur-97 km, Kushinagar-148 km, Varanasi-312 km, Lumbini-86 km, Sravasti-147 km, Lucknow-308 km.

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