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Here you'll find all the information you need about passports.(For Indian citizens only) Know about rules and conditions, how to procure a new passport and change or renew your existing ones.

First time applicant :

Application form is available from the Passport Office (for Rs. 10/-) or the Head Post Office (at same charges). Photocopy of the form is not accepted.

Requirements :

1. Proof of residence (Attested photo copy):

Ration card.
Voters' identity card.
Utility bills - water tax bill or telephone bill or electricity bill.
Running bank account or income tax assessment order of last three years
Appointment letter of reputed companies on letterhead
Certificate from Tehsildar or Gram Panchayat/ Sarpanch as proof of residence in a village.

2. Proof of date of birth and educational qualifications :

Any one of the following (Attested photo copy)
In case of illiterate/ semi-literate persons a sworn affidavit is to be attested by a Magistrate, Tehsildar or Sarpanch as per specimen given in the form.

3. Six photographs (black & white or color)

Furnish 7 identical photographs (black & white or color) , Size 35mm x 35 mm;
Frontal view of full face against a light background; photos taken with colored or dark glasses and in uniform are not acceptable;

4. photographs pasted on the form and signed across partly on the photo and partly on the form and 2 photographs unsigned to be pasted on page of the application form and one unsigned photograph on the Passport Application Registration Form.

Note : All self-attested copies of certificates/documents would be checked against originals at the Passport Office at the time of submission of application.
Copies of certificates/documents sent by post should be attested by a Gazetted Officer.

Urgent Passport :

An out of turn passport is issued only in cases of specified emergencies, on production of documentary evidence.

Verification certificate required (as per specimen at Annexure G of the application form) from any officer of the rank of Deputy Secretary and above in the Central Government or equivalent in the State Government, Colonel and above or its equivalent in Air Force and Navy, General Manager of a Public Sector Undertaking, Sub-Divisional Magistrate, SSP of district or one of those listed in Annexure 'G' (page 16 of the application form). The certificate should be on official stationary with one photo pasted on the certificate and attested with signature partly on the certificate and partly on photograph.

Urgent passports are usually issued for one year period.

Passport for minors :
It is mandatory to have a separate passport for minors including infants. A number of foreign embassies/consulates are refusing to grant visas if minor's name is included in the parents' passport.

Apply with the following additional documents :

Fresh application form :
Proof of residence : Same as for an adult applicant, as detailed above, except that proof of residence of any one of the parents or guardian is acceptable. (self-attestation by any one of the parents or guardian will do).

Proof of date of birth : Two self-attested photocopies of birth certificate issued by a municipal authority or district office of the Registrar of Births & Deaths, if born after January 26, 1989 or date of birth certificate from the school last attended or affidavit sworn before a magistrate/notary as per specimen in respect of illiterate applicants.

An additional set of 'Personal Particulars Form' for each place of residence with a photograph and two self-attested copies of supporting documents, if a minor has not continuously stayed at the present address for the last one year.

Seven identical photographs in black and white or color - four pasted on the application in the boxes provided, two pasted on page 5 without signatures and one unsigned on the Passport Application Registration Form ( PARF). (Thumb impression will do in case a minor is unable to sign).

A demand draft (DD) payable to the Regional Passport Office or Passport Office concerned for an amount prescribed.

Two self-attested photocopies of a valid passport, if any, of both parents incorporating their present marital status or two self-attested photocopies of a valid passport of any one of the parents.

Two self-attested photocopies of first four pages and last four pages of passport of any one of the parents for ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required) endorsement on a passport.

Affidavit (one original and one self-attested photocopy), as per specimen, by a legal guardian only if parents are not legal guardians.

Affidavit (one original and one self-attested photocopy), as per specimen, by two responsible persons who know the legal guardian as well as minor.

Affidavit (one original and one self-attested photocopy), as per specimen, in the case of a single parent.

Affidavit (one original and one self-attested photocopy), as per specimen, in the case of parents who are separated but not formally divorced.

A sworn affidavit (one original and one self-attested photocopy), duly attested by an Indian Embassy/Consulate, in the case of parents residing outside India.

Note : In the normal course the signature/consent of both parents may be taken for issue of a passport to the minor. However, if in case the applicant parent is not in a position to get the consent of the other parent, for whatever reason, the parent applying for the passport of the minor may sign the form and submit a sworn affidavit (as per the prescribed format) stating the facts and circumstances of the case along with the application. The affidavit should also state that in case of a court case he/she would be responsible and not the passport office. In such cases where only one parent applies, in case of any doubt the Passport Office may request for the physical presence of the child to ensure that the applicant parent has the actual custody of the child.

Emigration Check Not Required Stamp :

Following persons are entitled to get the ECNR stamp on their passports :

Gazetted Government Servants.
Income-tax payees.
Persons holding professional degrees.
Persons staying abroad for more than 3 years.
Spouses of the above mentioned categories
Persons holding graduation or higher degrees
Seamen in possession of Continuous Discharge Certificate and Sea Cadets and Deck Cadets
Who have passed final examination of three year B.Sc. Nautical Sciences Courses at T.S. Chanakya, Mumbai, or
Who have undergone three months Pre-Sea training at any of the Government approved Training Institutes after production of Identity Cards issued by the Shipping Master, Mumbai/Calcutta/Chennai

Persons holding permanent Immigration Visas, of any country e.g. Green Card in USA

Persons holding diplomas from recognized institutions like Polytechnics or certificates of vocational training from Government/recognized institutions. The Diploma/ Certificate should be for a minimum duration of two year course.

Nurses possessing qualifications recognized under the Indian Nursing Council Act, 1947

Dependent children of parents eligible for ECNR, as above (up to 24 years of age)

All persons above the age of 60 years

All visitors to Pakistan and Bangladesh

All visitors going to any country in Europe (except the Commonwealth of Independent States) or North America, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

Emigration Clearance Rules :

All visitors going to any country in Europe (except the Commonwealth of Independent States) or North America, Australia, Japan and New Zealand

In any case, Protector of Emigrants can grant emigration clearance to certain categories of skilled/semi-skilled workers for a period of six months if application is made through authorized recruiting agent and there is a valid employment visa.

In case the person concerned is leaving the country for non-employment purposes, he can obtain suspension from emigration clearance for the specified country and for the specified period from Protector of Emigrants.


The following is the all-inclusive fee to be paid along with application form either by Bank draft in favor of Passport Officer, or in Cash.

Fresh passport (36 pages) of 10 years validity Rs. 1000/-
Fresh passport (60 pages) of 10 years validity Rs. 1500/-
Fresh passport for minor (below 15 years) of 5 years validity Rs. 600/-
Passport against lost/ damaged passport(36 pages) Rs.2500/-
Passport against lost/ damaged passport(60 pages) Rs.3000/-
India-Bangladesh or India-Sri Lanka passport (validity 10 years) Rs.500/-

If you already have a passport and want to change the address recorded in it, approach your nearest passport office and apply for the same on Miscellaneous Services application from with a fee of INR 100 and proof of new address.

If you have applied for a passport but before the same is issued, you have shifted your residence, you should inform in writing to the Passport Office within whose jurisdiction your new address falls. To request the transfer of your file to the new Passport Office, the latter has to be given a written notice that you have submitted an application for a Passport at the previous Passport Office (with application numbers etc.). Proof of your new address is also required. No fee required to be paid in this case.