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Dhikala Forest Lodge


Dhikala Forest Lodge

Dhikala Forest Lodge is situated at the heart of Corbett National Park. The Dhangadi gate, which is the entry point of Dhikala zone, is approximately 30 Km away from this forest Lodge. The journey from entry gate to Dhikala lodge is simply breathtaking. One needs to cross a dense Sal forest and the Ramganga River before reaching the lodge.

The forest department takes care of this lodge and its bookings can be done from the forest office located at Ramnagar. For the safety of the tourists the lodge has been enclosed with effective solar fences.


Dhikala Forest Lodge has two buildings, old and new. Both these buildings have rooms as well as a dormitory. There are in all 22 rooms and 2 dormitories. Beside these, there are also 24 bunk beds in the log huts of this resort. Dhikala is not a highly luxurious resort, however the guests of Dhilkala feel comfortable due to the availability of many modern facilities.


Dhikala Tourist Complex has a restaurant where buffet meals are served every day. The quality of food served is quiet good.


  • Water coolers in each room
  • Geysers in bathrooms
  • A library & a reading room
  • Wildlife movies
  • A canteen
  • A small general store


Elephant safaris and open Gypsy safaris are available at Dhikala for viewing wildlife.

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